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Princetown, NY

Old Friends REUNIONized

A Brief History (from Paul's point of view):
Carlene and I went to Lake George in October of 2000, got jazzed on the concept of buying a Summer home in upstate New York, then returned for my 40th high school reunion in the fall of 2001 armed with stacks of real estate listings to check out, including one in particular.

The next year, settling in to our desperately-in-need-of-remodelling new/old home in Princetown, we went to the 41st "mini" reunion and thought it was a bit of a disappointment. We joined the ongoing "Reunion Planning Committee" the next year. It was known at the time as "Rod's Harem" because it consisted of Rod, plus Lee, Dianne, Ann Louise, Carolyn, Elaine and Linda. They had done a really great job on the 40th. We enjoyed our first dinner with the group (which also included Bill and Mike, so it wasn't quite a "harem" any more).

In the years following, the group evolved into a regular dinner every once in a while to celebrate birthdays and keep in touch. And in later years the "mini" reunions started taking place at our place with occasionally colorful themes ("Will Yiou Still Feed Me Now I'm 64?" "The 100th Anniversay of the Tunguska Event -- It'll Be A Blast!" and "Dance While You Still Can").

The following pictures are from these reunions and get-togethers. They're mostly just pictures that include Carlene or me. They also don't have captions listing the people in the pictures. (Hey, you know who you are, and this way I don't have to display signs of early onset Alzheimers by mislabelling them). They are, however, roughly chronological -- so they've got that going for them.


Typical Dinner (July 2005)

Minus Bill (taking the picture) Plus Jennifer (extreme left)

Verdmont Camp

"Will You Still Feed Me When I'm 64?" (2007):

More Random Stuff