October 12-19, 2000
"A Place in the Woods"
We found a real estate listing for this place in a local throwaway paper in the Lake George Diner and decided to waste a realtor's time and be looky-loo's for an afternoon. The 100 acre property was near the Northway midway up Lake George. Price was $400,000. The following year, after we decided we might really want to buy a place in upstate New York, it had been sold. We began our epochal 2000 mile search and finally ended up in Princetown. This place was an inspiration, but I'm glad we didn't buy it. It was a long way from anywhere.





"Lodge" from deck of "Chalet"

"Lake" from deck of "Chalet"


First view of "Lake"


Ryan, Allison, Laurie, Alexander (barely), Carlene, Blake, Joe

Garage in foreground

Rainy Wednesday


From entrance to corral



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