Overlook Lane
Princetown, NY

The most snow ever recorded in Albany on Christmas.

We got home last night with 3 very agitated dogs (from being in the kennel) just at dark to find our driveway had only been half plowed. Haven't spoken directly to the plow guy yet but his (wife?) said she has never experienced anything like this and the Dab brothers are going nuts working.

We have 3 feet of snow here and P&I had to slog it about 3 city blocks up the last hard part to the house, leaving all the luggage in the car, (in retrospect a very stupid thing to do, should have just turned around and gone to a motel, had there been one that would have accepted us with 3 big dogs).

So, our car is down the driveway (about 1/4 mile) at the mailboxes, once again, and we are totally snowed in. Well supplied fortunately, feeling lucky we both didn't have heart attacks during the climb, during which we both thought (but didn't have breath to talk) about the good sense of having snowshoes in the car. The snow was literally to mid thigh. I had my new Sorels (good boots), new coat, hat, and ski gloves so I was actually not cold, just exhausted beyond belief, but poor Paul was in Sneakers doing the trail breaking. I finally understand that term.

The dogs were actually helpful in breaking the trail when we could get them going in the right direction. There were times when Chaos just gave up and lay down and I thought I would have to try and drag her along. The other two were leaping and it was hysterically funny in spite of it all to see just their heads bouncing above the top of the snow since it was deeper than they are high.

Allison's car was just a big white lump beside the house and I could look down into the fish tank.

At that moment I was ready for the first plane to Vegas but there wasn't any way I was going back down that driveway.

Anyway, it is over and we eventually got warm again although I don't know when we will be able to leave.

Greetings from our own little "Northern Exposure"
Carlene & Paul

We're Pretty Sure This Is Allison's Car (The clue is the rearview mirror)

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Outside My Office Window

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