Overlook Lane
Princetown, NY
A Sign of Winter

Zoe & Chaos by Lake

Off for a Walk Together

Down the Trail

Facing Off

Letting It Rip
The House By the Lake

Watching "Hanna & Her Sisters"

After a Quick 3 More Inches

Joe & Zoe

You Go, Girl

Joe, Zoe & Alexander

Keeping Pixel Warm (or the other way around?)

Snow "glistening"

Snowy Dawn

Red, White & Blue
That's Not Fog, It's a Snow "Flurry"
From My Office Window

From My Office Window - 2

News Flash! Local Resident Succumbs to Cabin Fever, Declares "Let's Mow That Snow!"

But the Very Next Day.

Front Porch

Living Room Window (Stained Glass by Carlene)

Scene from "Anna Karenina"?

House on the Hill

After Rain on Snow-Covered Frozen Lake

More Random Stuff