Overlook Lane
Princetown, NY

Merry Christmas from Lake Carlene

Carlene and I spend most of our winters (and most of the other months, too) in Las Vegas.
These pictures serve to remind us of what we're missing...

Welcome to Lake Carlene

On PokerStars this is "Carklinky"

Her Husband "The Sharp-Dressed Man"

Don't Tread on Them!

One of Four Christmas Cards We Never Sent

Sniffing the Snow

In a Mild Winter

Not So Mild...

On the Trail with Chaos

Past the Lakeside Deck

Across the Bridge

The Second Card We Never Sent

Some Winter Days Carlene Walks the Dogs

Other Days It's Paul

Sometimes We Get Visitors

"Dashing Through the Snow..."

Running on the Lake

Or Just Strolling 

Taking a Winter Shortcut


Card Number Three

A Winter Walk Without Dogs:

This Picture Reminded Me of...

Pollock's "Winter No. 1" May Be More Representational Than We Think

(And Did You See the Bulldozer in the Previous One?

Time to Go Back...

To Warm and Wonderful Las Vegas...

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