Overlook Lane
Princetown, NY

Let's Build a Stream
We'll hide the hose later

A bit of gravel, you'll never see it

Upper Pond

Downhill -- slightly

First Visit

Needs a Little Smoothing...

One of these rocks is a fake
But these are all VERY real

Nick Maura Sr. smooths things out

More smoothing
(Well, quite a bit after...)

A job well done

3 Ways to View a Pile of Rocks:
1: Pride of Ownership
2: A Place for Fun

3: Hard Work

(LOTS of hard work)

The Builder Inspects the Dam Site

Pondering the Possibilities

Selecting just the right rock

Recruiting a Laborer to Help

"How about THIS one?"


The Inspectors

Dam fine work!

A Laborer and an Inspector share a moment

Apprectice Inspector checks a detail

Proud new Stream Owners

Now add a few wildflowers...

And other adornments...

More Random Stuff