Overlook Lane
Princetown, NY

Random (Warm) Exteriors
Welcome (One Again) to Lake Carlene

Dawn's Early Light

Iris Time

Red Sky In Morning (Sailors, Watch Out!)

Between Storms

What Happened to the Front Deck?

Paddling on the lake

Frequent visitor

Whole flock of visitors

Raking the lake

Being thorough

Measuring Sunflowers

Proud Gardener

Same Gardem, Next Year

Badminton Court (with Gallery in Background)

Spectators Move to Shade

"Spoons" al fresco

Stella Wisely Exits the Field of Combat

Seven Spoons on a Scarred Battlefield

Mikey's Got One!

Swim Float Gets a Motor


Nick & Mike by Falls

A big wind knocked down a few tall trees and created this new vista

The Same Wind Had Other (Less Desirable) Effects

So We Got a More Substantial Gazebo

View From New Gazebo on Misty Day

What Happened to the Old Dock?

More Random Stuff